Thai New Year | SongKran

This Thai new year we had a lovely day celebrating at the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon. The day was greeted with a warming sunshine which continued for most of the day until 4pm when the festival began to die down and the rain chased us all away.

We said a prayer to our ancestors, ourselves, families and loved ones for the new year ahead. We showed E the traditional pouring of water over the Buddha statue as a symbol of cleansing or washing away of any sins we may have done throughout the year.

Not only were we able to celebrate the Thai New Year, we were also able to celebrate my mums birthday. She has always taught me about Thai traditions and having E pray and get involved with all the SongKran activities for grandmas birthday, is the best gift she could ever ask for. Happy birthday grandma.

On stage there was plenty of entertainment which included Thai classical dancing, singers and an adult and junior beauty pageant for Miss Songkran. In the food stall area there were queues for days for all the delicious street style Thai food. If you were lucky enough to have been patient and made it to the front, you wouldn’t have been disappointed with the food.

It was a lovely family outing and E really enjoyed being involved and learning all the Buddhist and Thai traditions for SongKran.

Mama T

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