They Grow Up So Fast

The other day I was putting some laundry away when I asked E to watch M for me. She replied “ok mummy” and literally watched him while he sat in his chair.

It was so cute how she just sat there next to him. She wanted to sit in the chair with him but obviously she couldn’t so I brought her Peppa Pig bean bag over so she could sit next to him.

She talked to him in her random toddler talk while I put the laundry away and kept him company.

I can’t believe how quick they grow. I’m just not ready for them to be all grown up. Slow down…. M is 5 weeks old and E is turning 2 soon. šŸ˜³

Last week she decided that she didn’t need her afternoon naps anymore. This is bad news for me because I still need those naps hahaha. This week I’ll try an earlier wake up routine with E to encourage her to still have her afternoon nap. I can’t see myself surviving for much longer without those afternoon naps.

For the last 2 nights, M has slept in stretches of 3 hours again which was a godsend for me. Fingers crossed he’ll keep that up or maybe go a little longer. (But let’s be real, he’s a baby and they’re unpredictable so that’s probably not going to happen. šŸ˜)

I’ve had to sort through their clothes as well, removing the “too small” and replacing with the next size up. Es footwear has also had to be cleared out and I now need to get her some new shoes.

Time just flies by so fast and with a blink of an eye, they’re big. I selfishly wish I could keep them small forever. ā¤ļø

Mama T

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