To The Mums I Saw In The Park Today

This afternoon I took a stroll in the park with Myles in his sling and Ella in her buggy. We walked down to the pond area where Ella could look at the ducks and other animals that live there. She kept calling a swan the “mummy duck”, it was so cute.

Ella was counting how many dogs she could see during our walk. She doesn’t understand how to count them per say, but she was just counting to 10 nonetheless. Close enough LOL. Myles slept the entire time we were out which was a relief as he hasn’t been sleeping as well as he usually does the past 2 days. It has gotten colder over the last 2 days, so it could be that or that as early as it is, I think he’s teething already!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

The air was so fresh outside and it was nice to feel the crispness on my skin as we’ve been indoors the past 2 days while it rained. The park looked beautiful with fallen brown leaves on the ground and skeletal looking trees with the sun shining through. It was the perfect autumn afternoon for a stroll.

As we walked through the park, I noticed so many mums taking their little ones for a walk in their buggies too. I even spotted some mums like me with a baby in their buggy and another strapped to them in a sling.

There’s a secret code between us mums that I never knew existed until I became one. Every mother we passed, we both gave each other a quick smile and nod as if to say “you rock mama!” But without actually saying it.

The mums with two babies like me looked relieved as I did when we could see we weren’t the only ones feeling like “have we overdone the walk in the park with a buggy and a sling?” Clearly not having overdone it, seeing those other mums with 2 babies out gave me a little confidence boost. 

So thank you to all the mums that smiled and nodded at me this afternoon. It’s just the tiniest, smallest gesture ever, but it really did make me feel good!


Mama T

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