Tom’s Birthday

Yesterday was my friend Tom’s birthday. He’s one of the hubbies best friends, one of our best men at our wedding and the first person to know when me and the hubby first started dating 12 years ago!!! So he’s technically not just a friend to us, he’s family. He’s always there for us in every way and absolutely adores our children. 

There’s never been a time he hasn’t been the first to know what’s new with us and he’s always the most supportive in every way. With my “Mama Love Maternity Tshirt”, he was the first friend to make a gift collection purchase and encourage me to succeed even if he doesn’t understand blogging. LOL 

Ella loves her Uncle Tom and loves to sit with him while he whizzes her around on his chair and she presses the horn button. She even plays hide and seek with him and makes him chase her while she runs to daddy giggling and screaming at the same time with genuine excitement. Last night, Myles was finally awake to actually meet him too. All the other times Tom has come to meet us to see Myles, he’s always been sound asleep so it was special that he woke up for Toms birthday.

We went out to celebrate with Tom over some good Brazilian food and loads of shots for the birthday boy. 😂 As I’m still nursing and Mr D was driving, as usual, Tom took them ALL for the team. 😂👍🏽

I remember at our wedding (the parts that aren’t in my blurred version) Tom did all the shots and dares that were thrown his way, so for his own birthday, there was no excuse.

We went to Preto in Putney for a nice mid week birthday meal which turned into me and the children getting a little dolled up while Tom got turnt up! (Dolled up = brushed hair, some make up and clean clothes with no milk stains!) Ella chose to wear her Elsa princess dress especially for the occasion and Myles was smartly dressed in his denim shirt.

You know you’re having a good time when the couple who were dining next to us bought Tom a shot to wish him happy birthday and the restaurant gave him his last shot of the night, on the house as a birthday gift. All in all, in the space of 2 hours Tom had 6 shots and 2 beers.  😂

When Tom starts singing Craig David, he’s having a ball and the night wouldn’t have been complete without the sing-a-long! 🙌🏽

Here’s to sharing more birthdays with our best buddy! Cheeerrrssss 🥂

We love you Tom! x

Mama T

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