Visit From Aunt Flow

*WARNING* This is one of those posts that could be considered a bit too personal. It’s based on a question that funnily enough I’ve been asked quite a few times and I guess its a curiosity that every woman, mother or not, wants to know. From the title of my post, you probably already know I’m about to talk about my menstrual cycle. If you don’t want to know, just click away now before I begin.

Yesterday was the first time I’d had my visit from aunt flow since before I was pregnant. It has been almost 2 years. (E will be 12  months old next month + 9 months of pregnancy.) During pregnancy I felt quite relieved that I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of it every month.  After my lochia had finished after giving birth, I was again relieved that my visit from aunt flow still hadn’t arrived. Especially that it took almost 6 weeks before I didn’t need to wear a maternity pad anymore. (Imagine that, 9 months of no period to 6 weeks straight of lochia fluid!)

I’d also become ill when E was around 8 weeks old. So badly that until this day, I’m still not fully recovered 100%. (More on that one in another post.)

Me and the hubby always talked about having a 2nd child and by the time E reached 6 months old, we were ready to try again. We both wanted E to have a sibling similar in age. Everyone thought we were crazy to try while she was still so small. “How will you cope?” They asked…. our response…. “we just will.”

We’ve been trying to get pregnant since but due to not having a period, we weren’t sure if it was possible. I read almost everything I could about trying to get pregnant whilst still breastfeeding and still not having a period. The information I read was so confusing. Some said you could, some said you couldn’t. I’m still confused as ever on it.

I decided to take a different approach about  it all as I was beginning to feel disappointed that our plans for baby number 2 was taking some time. I was really adamant that E would have a sibling as soon as I was advised we could try for another baby (6 months after giving birth) that I had forgotten how I really viewed the miracle of being a parent. Fate. As simply as that, I put my mind at ease. Gave up “trying” and we are now leaving it in fates hands. If/when we are suppose to have another baby, we will. There’s nothing we can do to change our destiny of becoming parents to 2 miracles. As soon as my realisation was applied to my thoughts and actions, my visit from aunt flow came. It was literally a sign from the heavens above.

I felt like a kid again. Happy and sad about having my visit. Happy to know, this is now the opportunity presenting itself to let me know, we could possibly become parents to another baby. Sad because now every month when I have a period, I’ll know that I’m still not pregnant yet. Plus, having to deal with a period is so daunting and bleh sometimes.

How did you feel when you got your first visit after giving birth or are you still waiting?

Mama T

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