What Dummy?

I’ve always felt quite relieved that E hasn’t had to use a dummy. For me it meant I didn’t need to go through the trouble of weaning her off it, especially since weaning her onto solids is enough of a roller coaster already. She’s not much of a crier and hasn’t been since she was born, so we haven’t had to introduce a dummy to her.

A few weeks ago, I was almost at my wits end about how she goes to sleep that I did try to give her a dummy, just to see if that would help her. Nope! She took one suck, pulled it out her mouth and threw it back at us. In a way the hubby and I were relieved. But that meant she was back to using mummy as her night time comfort in going to sleep.

I contemplated so many times about trying some of the sleep training methods. Cry it out, no cry method, phase out…. blah blah blah. But in the end, we’ve never succumbed to it.

She’s almost a year old and she still prefers to be put to sleep while nursing. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely can fall asleep other ways including putting herself to sleep, but when mummy is around, she WILL NOT go to sleep unless mummy nurses her.

Her naps when it’s just the two of us is still a real struggle for me. She should be having milk only in the morning and bedtime. But when it’s just the two of us, sometimes the only way to put her down for a nap is to nurse her. She’ll only be on the breast for literally two minutes then she’s knocked out for her nap, but the fact that that’s still the only way she’ll nap with me is still troubling me. When other family members are around, I tend to let them put her down for a nap and low and behold, she doesn’t nurse to sleep for her naps.

I can’t repeat myself enough that I know I should cherish these moments, but I’m also panicking in my own head thinking “this is a problem”. I think it comes down to frustration in thinking she “should be” a certain way by now. We’re told that our babies should be this way or that way but sometimes it’s just not that simple and it doesn’t work that way for everyone.

Anyone else have nursing dramas or am I the only one?


Mama T


  1. Now that she is in the habit of falling asleep while nursing it’s going to take hard work and maybe some of the methods that you don’t like to break that habit. Because now that E knows that you will always off her the option of nursing she’s always going to want it. So she needs to be shown that you are not willing to do that anymore, babies/toddlers are ‘master manipulators’ and they manipulate their parents better than anyone. I know you may feel guilty for whatever measures you have to take but remember the end goal. Life would be a lot easier for you all in the end. Hope this helps.

    • She sleeps fine when I’m not there. There is definitely a feeling of guilt when I see her cry for me at bedtime. *sad face* thank you for the encouragement, we know what we have to do, it’s just so hard to do it when we hear her crying for a long period of time. Some days are easier than others, but we’ll get there in the end…. eventually. x

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